Costa Rica: Day 1

Airport check-in, security, flight, and everything went well.  We landed in San Jose, loaded up and had a beautiful drive through the city.  Culturally, I cannot say that I knew what to expect, but the area reminds me a little of some areas in New York.  What we have seen has been very clean, somewhat modern, and many familiar places, like Wendy's, Subway, and Taco Bell.  There are lots of people walking the streets, the roads are in good condition, and everything is well maintained in the areas we have seen so far.

Our main translators so far have been twin sons of Edgardo, Daniel and Javiar, who are 17 years old (Christian, they share your birthday), they are fun and do a good job with their English and care for us.

The Score facility is located in Coronado, about 40 minutes from the airport.  It is a very small campus; we are all rooming in the same small area that also serves as our eating area.  The water is safe to drink here everywhere.

After we settled in, they took us out, we expected we were visiting a cultural market place, but we arrived at a mall that was just 5 months old and was nicer than many of our malls in Atlanta.  There was a Chili's, many modern stores, such as Hurley, Express, etc, and a food court full of US options including a Carl’s Jr, so I had a hamburger, fries, and coke, and I saw several of the boys with pizza, we were all surprised and were a little underdressed, there was a lot of wealth, or at least very similar to our area.  Not quite suffering for the Lord, for the students that have traveled with me before to Nicaragua and Dominican, this is defiantly a different experience; however, I think about Paul's travels and learning to be all things to all people.  It is a great experience to learn to respect cultural, find similarities, and to learn to take these things to being Christ to light.

The view from the Score campus is beautiful, it's sits up slightly in elevation and there are views of a mountainous, volcano area.  There is a steady breeze and it has cooled off since the sun set.

We had a brief orientation meeting followed by a spaghetti dinner and some down time.  There is lots of activity as I listen to the boys do goofy things, singing, laughing...I think some of the purchased some energy drinks...there is a lot of noisy boy activity going on, but, it's all good and I am thankful for the bonding that these trips bring.

We have Bible study starting at 7, we are starting with Gideon.  It's been a good day.