Costa Rica: Day 4

We traveled to Palmares and the boys conducted a basketball clinic for 14 young children and some middle school aged girls.  Tyler gave his testimony, Owen, Isaac, Gabe, and Tyler shared scripture from the Roman road.

The court at this school was very slick, it made the game tough and a little home cooking and only one ref, we lost 40 to 66, but that was fine in light of the fact that a young man named Henry trusted Christ.

We had lunch at a place called Angela's Comidas Rapidas and during our time there, Angela asked to speak with us.  Through a translator,  she asked for someone to pray for her, that her mom needed prayer.  Before we prayed with her, we asked where she was at with the Lord.  She said she thought she was a Christian,  but had never trusted him.  We asked if she would like to, she said yes, right now'. We prayed with her, she trusted Christ and we prayed for her mom as well.  It was a wonderful time.

We left Palmares and hit some bad traffic, so decided to pull off at the airport to use the restroom.  As we were leaving, we saw Wesley Guzman returning for his Gap year, it's a small world at times.  Tyler did some Monte Python karaoke.  We stopped at a mall in Ezcazu, it was huge, 3 stories, lots of American stores.  We had a snack, were amazed by over 100 parrots in the trees outside the mall, loaded up and headed out for the game.

The game was very exciting, Luke is such an aggressive player' the Szell boys played together, the Meadows boys played together, it was awesome to see them play, Asa rebounded, Mason scored, and Luke tied up the game to 17/17.  Owen was up and down the court, Andrew got a rebound, stole the ball, and scored 2, Gabe got a foul shot, and Nate had multiple blocks.  Joey was also up and down the court.  We had really great refs'

During the next quarter, Isaac scored at least 3 and got a rebound.  David tied up the game again with a foul shot, Jonathan stole the ball, and Tyler scored, Luke scored a foul shot, and Andrew scored 2 foul shots.  At half-time the score was 34/26.  The game only got better...

Owen, Nate, Jackson, Gabe and Austen started the 3rd quarter.  Jackson is so enthusiastic!  Again, Joey and Owen were up and down the court moving the ball.  Nate scored several baskets and 2 foul shots.  Gabe had a steal, a foul shot, and scored.  Jackson got a rebound.  Score 41/32

In comes Isaac, David, Luke, Jonathan, and Tyler.  Luke had 2 foul shots, David and Isaac both had a foul shot and scored.

Fourth quarter started with Andrew, Jackson, Gabe, Joey, and Nate.  Andrew had a steal, David came in and had two foul shots and scored.  Mason also came in and scored a couple of baskets.  Game ended with Asa, Jonathan, Owen, Tyler, and Austen and final score was 58/46.

Following the game we were able to share with over 50 kids. Luke and Joey shared Bible verses and a young man named Jowel prayed to receive Christ.  It was an incredible day.

We returned to Score for a late dinner of chicken lasagna, Bible study in Daniel 3, and off to bed.