Costa Rica: Day 7

We spent a beautiful morning in Punta Leona.  It was full of wildlife, tons of monkeys. Many of the kids got up early to witness the sunrise.  Great food for breakfast.  We hung out at the beach, cleaned up, had a great lunch, packed up and was on the road back to Escuza.  

We spent time with missionaries Carlos and Sarah Labriel and I would like to share with you their prayer needs.  First, for their new baby which is due in July.  Second that a job would open for Carlos to play or coach basketball.  Currently, Carlos is an intern through Score while he waits for his commission which should be in 6 more months.  During that time, he needs to help provide for his family.  Costa Rica is very expensive, in many ways more than in the states.  It has been difficult for them to live just off of Sarah's support.  It is compounded because she had Dingy, which you get from a mosquito bite and is very serious, she spent time in the hospital and then they had their wedding. These have placed her in a deficit with Score, around $2500, plus Score what's missionaries to have 2 months reserve, which really makes her about $8700 behind.  There next request has to do with Mattias and Layla, Layla does not remember her dad, Hugo passed away at 29, just a month after Layla was born.  They have transitioned well with Carlos and you can see that he truly loves them and they have embraced him as their new dad.  Carlos is concerned about providing for them and their education which is roughly $5000 for the year, which they do not have and school starts in February.  There is a concern for Carlos and seminary, the one he currently attends is very liberal and it is not a good situation.  Having grown up in Guatemala, Carlos was not exposed to even simple Bible stories that we have granted.  He needs good, sound instruction to prepare him to preach and teach.   The last request is in regards for provision, about $4000, to return to the states in June for Sarah to have the baby, for Carlos to receive his commission and for them to work to help Carlos raise support for them to continue their work here.  Want to help support their work here and meet these needs?  You can donate at

I know that they need your prayers!

We made a quick stop at a mall food court, got everyone a snack and went on to the gym.  We played the 17u team of Escuza; it was the same coach we played against at our last game.  One of the players plays for Edguardo on a national team. It was a close and exciting game, Saints won 60/57.  It was funny to look at our white boys that had a lot of "pink" on them from the sun. Also, Michael got into the game; it was the first basketball game he ever played in :).

The more exciting numbers were those that followed.  Carlos shared his testimony about playing professional basketball, but how money, fame, girls, none of these things satisfied, that only Jesus fills all our needs.  Fifteen trusted Christ, it was the greatest harvest during our time in Costa Rica.   Following our game, there was a professional game that we got to stay and watch.  We were able to distribute 300 Bible tracts during half time which was a great opportunity!

A trip to McDonalds to get everyone some food and back to Score to start packing and get some showers, and there was warm water!

It was a good day and God has been so faithful in keeping us safe, opening doors or opportunity, and providing the opportunity to spend time away from technology so that we can hear from God.