Costa Rica: Day 8

A couple of things I forgot to mention from our time yesterday.  During the warm up time of the professional game, they played a popular song and a few JFCA basketball players got into the groove…you can view it on facebook at!/photo.php?v=396351387118678&set=vb.100002314593308&type=2&theater.  The tikos/tikas (what Costa Rica’s call themselves) like it so much, they award Isaac Harrell a t-shirt.  It was hilarious!

We got up and packed and meet together for Bible study.  We studied Daniel 5&6, it was a great ending to our time.  Packed up the bus and went to the airport.  It was a little confusing exiting the country, but we got everything done and at the gate in time.  We had an expensive airport meal and were just about ready to board the plane when Renea took a tumble and it looks like she sprained at least one, if not both of her ankles.  We packed her up, wheeled her on, Adviled her up, iced her down, propped her up on Alan and I, and she was a trooper on the flight and following.  We were greeted with flowers and meals at the airport, perfect given the situation.

We were highly blessed.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support for this trip.