East Asia: Day 3


Our third day was long but great. We had an evening meeting with 23 business professionals. Our time with them began by singing Amazing Grace. It sounded especially beautiful as two languages blended together. Bill shared a devotional from Genesis 3 and Grady & Allison shared their testimony. They all did a great job!

Then we had Q&A for the next hour and a half. It was really good. Here are some of the questions that were asked:

Since you work in for profit companies so how can you serve God and not money?

How do you balance work marriage and kids as a female business owner?

Why did God kill innocent animals to pay for people's sin?

How do you know if you have talent to do something?

How many times have you changed jobs?

How can you know when God is calling you to something?

Should we open our bakery on Sunday?

The team did a great job of answering. Though we had been awake for 17 hours by that point we left refreshed and encouraged.