East Asia: Day 6, Up to the Mountain

About on hour into the "45" minute drive we turned off the paved road and began a slow climb up the mountain. We eventually crested at 7400 feet.

Before we made it to the top we stopped for prayer. Everyone prayed outloud at the same time and three languages blended together: English, Mandarin and the Yi Dialect.  Grady closed us in a heartfelt plea to let the gospel come to this place and bless the local workers we were with.

Back in the vehicles for 30 more minutes of chiropractic adjustments as we bounced along the road. We finally arrived to the village were folks were gathered for a travelling photographer. We chatted with them and were able to record a 20 minute explanation of some of their customs.

We were invited to a home and shown around their simple one room house. The concrete floor had a fire pit in the middle for cooking and warmth.  We had to dissuade them from killing a chicken but accepted their offer for fire roasted potatoes. They were tasty especially dipped in pepper flakes and spring onions.

We learned a lot from that family about their history, customs, beliefs, fears etc. It was an ethnographic gold mine!

Time to leave and we made our way out of the mountains a different way. When we got back on pavement we said goodbye to our new friends. We had another 2 hours of driving to get to our hotel but they had to retrace the roads we had come over. We did not envy them but they were joyful for the opportunity to serve and told us not to worry. Humbling!

I can say that we are all pretty tired and sore from the roads. But we are thrilled and honored to have had this chance to take the light, through deeds and prayer, into a dark area.

We head back to a big city today to debrief, begin our report and get some rest.  Thank you Lord for this incredible privilege!