Sevierville, TN: day 2

Good morning from Sevierville! We are all up bright and early on this chilly 27 degree fall morning to enjoy a delicious hot breakfast before embarking on our assigned tasks around the ranch.

After breakfast we enjoyed a morning devotional and heard from a member of our mission team who shared their personal testimonies.

We were also blessed to have a few of the students from the ranch come out and share their personal testimonies as well: what a joy to meet these sweet youngsters and hear about how God is working in their lives.

After the testimonies we split up to take on our assigned tasks for the day including: 

  1. Split rail fence
  2. Stain the deck by the swimming pool
  3. Landscaping
  4. Tree cutting
  5. Laying a trail by Lake Marion
  6. Laying a horse walkway by the barn
  7. Clearing the brush from the creek bed
  8. Clearing brush along the roadway
  9. Chicken Coop renovations
  10. Kitchen team, preparing and cleaning up delicious meals for our team of 50!

Check back later today for pictures from our work groups and an evening itinerary of our cookout with the ranch students!