Italy - Saturday -recruiting day

We spent today visiting the outdoor market where most of  the North African immigrants work:  renewing connections the local team had and reminding them about the ESL & Computer training courses to be  offered later this week, and looking for new relationships. 

Jonathan showed us his Arabic was not nearly as rusty as he thought as he launched right in and made some new contacts for the local team to follow up with. 

We toured a local 'prayer center' of the Muslim community- so called we were told as the Italian government  disallows the formation of mosques. The representatives were most gracious and welcomed our questions. They seemed very pleased to have visitors, particularly all the way from the US and they honored us with gifts.   We were told that no Italians besides a group of school children had ever asked to visit and so apparently we were among a very few non-Muslims to visit since it was opened in 2006.   An invitation for dinner was extended to the Imam's son who agreed to meet with the local team. 

Team Members visit 'Prayer Center'

Team Members visit 'Prayer Center'

We then adjourned to dinner as we struggle to adjust our body clocks. Tomorrow is our free day and we will take a day trip into the Alps.