Honduras: Made it Home!

Thank you for your faithful prayers for us!     

We have made it safely home – this in and of itself is a huge answer to prayer – also, to have no logistical derailments along the way is something we thank the Lord for!

Over the last two days, here are things we have to be thankful for:

We made major headway on the construction project at CEREPA – the leaders there are very excited for the ways this new building will enable them to expand their ministry.

We delivered our last wheel chair to a precious elderly woman who now will be able to attend church again because of the chair. I was able to teach a lesson to the patients at CEREPA on Our Identity in Christ. In the afternoon we divided into 4 teams and canvassed the area around one of the daughter churches of 1st Baptist Catacamas – inviting people to attend the movie we were to show in the evening and also giving out gospel tracts.

We showed the movie “Fireproof” (in Spanish of course) to about 100 people last night in the church (it was neat to be standing and sitting on the floor which we had laid two days earlier) – I believe the movie was impactful – and we were sure to clarify the gospel at the end of the movie and give people an opportunity to trust Christ – no one publicly indicated trusting Christ last night. We made it to dinner at about 9:30 last night and were able to conduct our wrap up meeting with our Predisan hosts.

Today we left early, made it the 4 hour drive back to Tegucigalpa and by God’s grace made it home safely.  One of the great things we praise God for is the great sense of unity and love God has given this team.  We saw everyone contribute in special ways out of his/her gifting and experiences.  Everyone genuinely enjoyed each other.  Every team member shared his/her testimony with the team (this is a special way to really get to know each other while being encouraged spiritually through each others’ stories).  Jim, Mark, Susan, and BJ shared devotionals with the team at different points on the trip.  This relational unity and joy is a great blessing of God and I know an answer to prayer!  Praise Him!

We are all completely exhausted but filled up with Christ.  Thank God for His work in us through this trip.

Thank Him for keeping us from injury or illness – a huge answer to prayer! Thank Him for using us to bear eternal fruit for His glory in the lives of people in Honduras – some we were privileged to see and some we won’t be aware of until we get to heaven. Thank God for blessing and keeping our families that we have been away from. We thank God for you – that we didn’t go on this trip alone – you buoyed us with the critical work of sincere prayer!  Thank you!!

Finally – please pray for us as we reunite with family members and reengage our “normal” lives – ask God to protect us from Satan’s attempts to undercut God’s work in our lives this past week.