Honduras: Saturday, Feb. 9

Update from Tom:

I, like the rest of the team at this point, am exhausted - so we'll try to make this a coherent update.

This morning we all went to CEREPA to do construction work - we're building a bath house with toilets and showers which will serve families coming to visit their loved ones who are in-patients in the treatment program(s).

Paul and Jim  (our master builders) set out the plans and lead the way with Herculean effort - it's great to work alongside Honduran men building something that will make a difference. BJ, Ruben, Jim, Don, Mark, Rick, and Daniel were monsters with shovels, pick axes, wheel barrows, and buckets of dirt. The only thing that rivaled the amount of labor done would be the amount of Advil consumed!

Thank God for keeping us all safe through the construction time (construction zones in the US are dangerous - they're much more so in a third world environment) - God kept us safe. Dana, Susan and Abby put together over 200 "salvation bead bracelets" in the morning which we distributed later in the day, then Dana, Susan, Abby, Mark, and Rick went and delivered four more wheel chairs to handicapped people - the time to serve them spiritually and physically was a God-blessed ministry.

Jim taught the patients at CEREPA the 4:8 Principle from Philippians 4:8 - the Joyful Life. This afternoon we participated with Predisan in a huge community evangelism soccer event.  

  • From 2:00 - 6:30 this afternoon, we helped with a youth tournament. 
  • We were able to distribute all of the salvation bead bracelets and share the gospel with over 200 children. 
  • We gave prizes and gifts to the winning and runner-up teams
  • We were able to present the gospel and a devotional at breaks in the action

Additionally, we have been able to present 4 Study Bibles in Spanish to mission church pastors affiliated with our partner church - First Baptist - these are huge blessings to these men wanting to grow and have helpful resources for sermon preparation and ministry


  • BJ led/taught the youth group from 1st Bapt.
  • Dana taught the women from the church - Susan shared her testimony
  • I was able to teach the men - (we had about 25 men gathered around the front yard of one of the men of the church)
  • Two of our men went and showed the movie "Fireproof" to the patients at CEREPA