Dominican Republic: Day 4

February 2013 - Dominican Republic - Day 4

As I start this update, it is about 5:30pm.  This was a day that I announced when we got back, either jump in the pool, go to the beach, or take a shower, but wash the day was stink and sweat today!

We were up and on the buses, we had two today, to Santo Domingo again.  We stopped on the way in Boca Chica, to meet up with Mike and Bob to pick up the 5 FCA Dominican players along with Willy and Luis.  Our translators were Eric and Filipa.  Bob left for Atlanta this morning and we appreciate his time here helping us.

Once again, we split the teams which were the same as yesterday.  David and Shellie had Mitch, David S, Nate, Gabe, Zac, Neil's, Mason, Grant, Jon, and Molly joined them on this trip.  They also had the three Dominicans players,   They played one 8 inning game and lost in an extra inning, final score was 5-4.  Here are some team highlights:

  • Mitch pitched one inning, had two walks.
  • David S. had a bunt for a hit, had a BB for an RBI and he pitched one scoreless inning with a great curve ball.  He also gave his testimony.
  • Nate had a single and was robbed of a huge hit in left center field and he was hit by a pitch, now this was funny!  The umpire kept calling the inside pitch for a strike, but it was about to hit him, he got tired of it and put his rear end into it, and took one on the bottom for the team.... but is ok :).
  • Gabe had a bunt for an RBI and had a stolen base Zac caught a pop fly in center field.
  • Neils had a great throw in from center field which concluded in a double play Grant had a BB and he scored.
  • Mason had a single, 2 BB, and he threw two people out from catcher.
  • Jon was team photographer and Molly was the team support.

Chris' team also played 1 - 6 inning game, it was  in Santo Domingo at Juan Jose Cormona, the Javilla Complex.  It was another large field, they didn't have the distance posted, but it had 2 smaller fields in left and right.  We were blessed with a little cloud cover, it was hot on the field, but breezy in the stands.  Willy and Eric were with us, they also lost 6-7, after a tie into the last inning.

  • Jake had 2 walks, several stolen bases and played center field at one point, he also had a double play to end an inning.
  • David R. had a hit, and a couple of walks and several stolen bases, he also scored our first run.
  • Russell pitched an inning and had an incredible deep shot to center.
  • Ethan pitched, played 1st and had a single.
  • Asa at least 3 walks, and played 3rd and pitched a little.
  • Luke had a really nice bunt and a walk.  He also had to cover a lot of ground in left field as 5 balls were hit his way.
  • Ryan got hit by a ball on his kneecap.  He took it well and is doing fine.
  • Michael pitched 2 innings, faced 6 batters, struck out 4, 2 hits, and gave up one run.
  • Joe and Willy coached 1st.
  • Chelsea hung out in the stands.

I forgot to mention Jonathan yesterday, he has a tear in his knee and is out for the season, but he has been a joy and a help.  He helps the boys warm up and has such a positive joyous attitude, and we are thankful he is here.

Lastly, Chris spoke and we had 2 decisions, Willy and Brian and we were able to connect them with Willy for follow up.

We loaded up the buses and stopped at a Texaco for some cokes, chips, snacks, and to eat our packed lunch.  Then it was off to the dump.  This dump was very different from the one we have visited in Nicaragua.  There is a church building there, about 6000 live in the community and they are primarily Haitian.  Often Dominicans do not particularly like the Haitians as they had been conquered by them once, they have a lot of military protecting the borders in between the two countries.  Ele is a Haitian believer in the dump, he is young, I would guess between 20 and 30.  He coordinates with the pastor, who lives in Santo Domingo.  They both met us there today and we were greeted off the bus by a lot of children, not all were clothed, and many are malnourished.  We were blessed to take in 8400 meals, that were divided into 186, 50 serving portions along with 100 hygiene packs with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc and a Bible tract.

We unloaded our things in the church and it filled up with women and children, many of the girls were very young, and we might have thought that they were carrying around younger siblings until they started nursing.  The kids quickly put together a skit and Filipa translated.  The group took all the kids outside so Chris could present the gospel.  Thank goodness for Miquel! He helped us with songs and games to keep them all busy. 

It was good and a great place to do ministry, but it is a tough cycle and a reminder that we can't fix things for them, we can only offer the greatest gift ever given, eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Back to Score for a little down time, dinner, Score night, and Bible study.

Everyone is well, hard to believe how quickly the week is passing.