Dominican Republic: Day 5

Our testimony time was very powerful today.  We heard from two Dominicans with very different stories.  First Ariel shared about how Jesus had radically changed his life.  His story was one of deep sadness and 5 attempts at suicide.  He told of wanting to die, but something stopping him.  God had another plan, and today he joins Mike Shaheen spreading the Gospel all over the island.  He is full of joy and has a contagious smile.  Another boy named Christian told a different story.  He told of growing up and being a "good kid", but he knew that something was missing.  He accepted Christ not too long ago and is hoping to be drafted by a MLB team on the island.  Next Ryan shared his testimony of accepting Christ very early in life, but coming to a point later where he realized he was dead inside and needed to recommit his life to Christ.  After the boys spoke, Willy gave an impassioned talk about their need for a Savior.  Although no boys raised their hands, we heard a lot of boys reciting the sinner's prayer and asking Jesus to forgive them of their sins and take control of their lives. 

Joe, Molly, Jon, Kim, and Chelsea got to go with Filipa and Miguel to Compassion International to pick up Alberto "Adrian".  Adrian was waiting with a Compassion DR staff member and a translator, Nujerling.  As they day went on, we found out that Nujerling was once a Compassion child, her sponsor is a beautician in Kansas who continued to support her through college.  Nujerling graduates this Friday, at age 21, with a degree in General Medicine.  Meeting her was very impacting as she is the second adult I have met in the last month that was a Compassion child.

We walked back to the field, introduced Adrian to everyone, loaded up, and went to see Adrian's house.  It is very small, I would assume 500 square feet.  Adrian's story is that his mom is not a part of his family and his father was killed in a motorcycle accident about 2 years ago.  He went to live with his grandmother and she arranged for him to become a part of the Compassion system.  He was in the system for less than two months when Chelsea and Michael picked his card and committed to support him.  We met him last year when we were in the DR.  We were not able to get all the details, but his grandparents have had to move, he has a 10 year old brother, Adrian is 9 years old.  He does not see his brother, he lives with another family member.  Adrian is now being cared for by an aunt.  We did not get to meet her, she was working.

After seeing his home conditions, we went to Ole, which is like a Walmart, and we had a field day in that store.  Adrian's eyes grew wide as we began sizing him for clothes, getting shoes, and staples, and other food.  Jon, Molly, and Joe snuck off and found a bike and volleyball. There was a pizza place and an ice cream place inside Ole, Chelsea took Adrian to get both while we checked out.  We got the bike out and loaded up so he didn't see it, loaded everything and headed back to Adrian's.  We unloaded everything, had him change clothes to go to the baseball field, and brought him downstairs and Chelsea showed him his bike.  He jumped on it and road around, he has the most beautiful smile!  We put the bike in the house, we bought a good lock for it, and headed to the field in time to bring the team lunch. 

Michael took Adrian out to the field and the played baseball before our next game.  Adrian loved being in the dugout with the boys and the bubbles we brought him.

The Director of Compassion DR stopped by the field to check on him.  I had met her last year and she allowed us to visit him without prearranging.  Adrian curled up with her and started sharing his day.  She smiled and asked Nujerling to translate.  Adrian told her, "I am now rich with all they have given me".

We are so rich by the experience of having Adrian as our 5th child in our family.  We are looking forward to seeing what God does in his life and our times with him in the future.

Following the game, we loaded up, including Adrian, and headed to the Score Orphanage, Pasitos de Jesus, in Boca Chica.  It was a brief visit, but we played with bubbles, color sheets, and volleyball.  The girls were well behaved and brought us a lot of joy.  We prayed split up, 1 or 2 students and an orphan and prayed over them.

Pray for Yaniris who we met today, she is very sweet and her mom runs the orphanage, she got our names and will be praying for us.

Cassandra is an orphan, she is a  sweet girl that was shocked that I would remember her name.  These children were in our laps, loving on us and were incredibly precious.  It is so sad that they are abandoned by their families.

Back to Score and the beach,... ,Mason lost his shorts for a while in a wave :)...Jon went surfing, it was followed by great piazza dinner at El Sueno

Tonight from our study of 2 Kings 2:

  • Be ok with what God asks you to do. 
  • Trust God enough to do what he asked you to do and trust him with the results, even if they don't make sense to you.
  • Mountaintop experiences will only get you so far.
  • Don't overlook the small things.
  • Pray for a tender conscience.

I think it was then best day yet!