Dominican Republic: Day 2

We were on the bus at 8:30, everyone seemed to have slept well.

This morning, our ministry was in San Jose at missionary Craig's church.  Since our last trip, they have built a church, Inglesia de la Garcia, Church of the Thankful.  They are in the middle of constructing Craig and his wife Joanna a home, they also have a baby boy.  When this is done, the will construct a home for Pastor Omar and Noami, and baby Smilie. The Johnson Ferry student ministry will be building a Christian school there in April on the spring break trip, and lastly, they will look to build a clinic for the San Jose community.  It is an incredible project and God is obviously at work in that community.

It happens that there was a family reunion, and in a small village like that, almost everyone is related, so church attendance was light, but our group filled it up.  Chris preached from Ephesians 1 & 2 about knowing your identity in Christ and how it is the one thing that Satan does not want you to understand.

We also learned that we have to sit with God before we can stand and walk.  Basically, it is not works that get us unto heaven.  Only when we have a relationship with Jesus are we then prepared to serve Him.

The example was our bus ride, we were sitting, but we got to San Pedro, the same is with our Christian walk, we need to sit and listen for God, do not do things in our own time and effort, but when God calls us, He will sustain us.

Following church, we eat sandwiches, changed and walked down  to the baseball field.  There were some  children and  teens and the boys held a clinic and did some baseball drills.  It was a very hot day, so the time in the field helped them get used to what the rest of the week will be like.  David interacted a lot working with the kids.  Russell led pray at the field with the kids and conducting stretching before the clinic.  Jon took pictures and rode on a motorcycle with Craig to go see the oldest man on the village, Romone, he is 102 and we met him the last time we were here.

After a water break, everyone split up into teams and played a game using tennis balls, everyone was in on it, young and older... They had a great time and  Shellie, Michael's former math teacher, throw him out at first, it's one thing to be thrown out by a teacher, Michael took it well. Andrew made some great fielding plays.  Zack and Ryan were having fun and playing with the kids.

We delivered close to 1000 diapers, our extra baseball equipment and clothes to Craig's.  You can learn more about their ministry at The majority of our donations were given out today and they will be put to good use.

We returned to Score and it was off to the beach.  Jon went surfing. Gabe and Grant went fishing, everyone else was in the water, and they are looking pink this evening at dinner, especially Niels, he was a good farmers tan started.  Asa and Mason were playing hard at the beach,.  Mitch and Asa are also looking quite pink. Later Chelsea played her guitar and sang some songs she wrote while Molly, Joe, and others listened.

Dinner was beans and rice, but a few of us cheated and had some pizza at the beach before dinner. We had a devotional time and debrief as we continued our study in 1 Kings 18 and 19 about Elijah, and it is a reminder that God is with us, and much like our study this morning, he sustains us and can do incredible things through our lives. Jake, Nate, Gabe, Grant, Mitch, and Jonathan all had profound insight tonight on their thoughts from the study, everyone could see the truth of God's word.

 A few comments from the guys about what they liked most from today...

  • Neil's, "by far, the thing I liked most was the kids"
  • Luke, "playing baseball with the kids"
  • Jon, "seeing all that God has done since the last time we were here"

The coaching staff, David, Sr., Shellie, and Chris were making plans for tomorrow.  Guys are into different things as we settle down for the evening. Lights out at 10pm (we can only hope) and we are on the road early tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers.