Dominican Republic: Day 3

Today we traveled into Santo Domingo, breakfast was at 7:30, we were on the road at 8.  We met up with Mike, and he brought Willy, Miquel, and Luis, indigenous FCA staff here.   Mike brought 5 of the Dominican FCA players that were ages 15-22.

We split into two teams, one coached by David and Shellie, the other by Chris, Joe, and Bob. David and Shellie had Mitch, David S, Nate, Gabe, Zac, Neil's, Mson, Grant, and Jon along with three of the Dominicans.  They played 1 9 inning game in the Olympic Park,  they were up by 3 runs with 2 outs in the last inning, they made two errors and lost.  Final score was 7-6.  Here are some team highlights:

  • Mitch pitched 2 outstanding innings.  Struck out 2 kids, and his curve ball was wonderful today.
  • David S. had a nice sac bunt, and he caught a screaming line drive to end and inning.
  • Nate one home run, over center field, and single and a walk.  Nate has torn labrum in his shoulder, he was having trouble batting left, so he announced to Shellie that he would be better off hitting right, walked out and hit the ball out of the park, we are fine with him hitting right :)!
  • Gabe had a sac bunt, and a bunt for a hit, and walked twice to bat 1,000 for the day. He also caught a pop fly in the outfield, but didn't catch any fish tonight at the beach. :) Zac had an RBI single at a critical point during the game and two walks.
  • Neils pitched 3 innings, even with some face swelling from the sunburn, but gave him a couple of Advil on the bus ride there, it worked, he struck out 3 kids, and his sunburn is looking a little better this evening.
  • Grant had a great sac  bunt, and he finished the game pitching two innings with 1 strike out.
  • Mason hit a double off the warning track in center field, a single, and he threw 3 base runners out at, 2 at second, one at third.
  • Jon was team photographer.

At their sharing time, David Sr. presented the gospel and there was one decision for Christ, Vicente Gomez, please be in prayer for him. Chris' team highlights, his team played 2, 5 inning games.

  • Jake had 3 hits and some incredible plays at short stop.
  • David R. had a great hit, RBI, and some some incredible plays at 2nd.  He also missed a streamer to the head running to 1st and we are grateful we were injury free today.
  • Russell pitched 2 innings in the first game, a single, great plays and caught a couple of innings.
  • Ethan pitched 2 innings, stepped in at 1st, great single in the second game, awesome job, he had a key play, fielding a line drive to 1st.
  • Asa had a key catch in right and threw out a guy at 1st for a double play, it was smooth and impressive.  Alight he didn't get on base, he hit the ball hard 3 out of 4 at bats, he made good hard contact.  He did great!
  • Luke had a lot of great catches in the outfield, and a great single.
  • Ryan had a strong hit to left center, ended up being a double.
  • Michael hit a bomb for a sac, about 315-320 feet, it would have been out at Mount Paran.  He had 3 scoreless innings pitching, the kids watching were saying, that's one "bad" American.
  • Joe got in to bat for an inning and faced the hardest pitcher we saw all day, we laughed so hard.  We clocked the guy at 88mph.
  • Chelsea kept pitch count and Molly helped with everything else, trash, etc.

In between games,  Jake gave his testimony and Willy and Mike shared the gospel.  We did not ask for decisions, but later Willy spent the 2nd game in the dug out.  One young made stopped him and our players after the game.  He has a strained relationship with his father, he asked that we pray for him and his situation and Willy has his information to follow up.

Just another note, these fields are challenging, they are full of rocks, backstops are huge, it is 365 to center, mounds are awful, you can't see the plates, the bags move because they are not in the ground, there are gravel pits in the field, people in the outfield, joggers, etc.  

We had a late lunch at the the baseball park, then off to the market for cheapy, cheapy... which is their motto.  Everyone got their treasures, and we were back on the bus to Juan Dolio.

Just a side note, please pray for Andrew, he got stung by something in his glove on Sunday, he is fine (I know Grammy is reading this), and he's being monitored by the two Dr's here, but he does have some swelling in the area.  He has been a trooper hauling around with us, and he enjoyed the beach, pizza, and ice cream, all is not bad, but he didn't play baseball, and it would be nice for him to get to play with the team.

Another evening of a pizza snack, time at the beach and pool, and dinner was good as well.

Bible study this evening was 1 Kings 19, continuing our study of Elijah.  Everyone is enjoying the study and learning a lot, there were many great comments and insights.  Debrief was also good as they reflected on their day of ministry.

All is well, we spent this evening finalizing plans for the week and look forward to what God has in store.

Thank you for your continued prayers.