Dominican Republic: Wednesday

Yesterday was a great day in ministry here in the DR. We are making HUGE head way on being able to build a wall around a girl's orphanage. Though we unfortunately won't be able to see the wall built on this trip, we know we will come back next year and see it up. By building a wall around this orphanage it will provide a safe environment for these young, abandoned girls to be able play outside without fear of being abducted. Most of these girls have such a sad story filled with abuse and abandonment, but we know that God is using our students help build a place for them to grow up and become the women that God wants them to be! We are also almost finished with a huge construction project in another village. Thanks to Ted, Paul, and Brian for leading our students to build a big building for a church to use as a multi-purpose facility.


This building is a blessing to the community, the church, and the pastor. We'll have pictures of it being completed today! Also, the recreation team led by Danny, Patrick, Mike, and Akil have done a fantastic job using sports to reach MANY people for Christ this week! The first two days they ran baseball, basketball, and soccer clinics at the SCORE facility where we stay, and yesterday and today they do those same things out in the communities.


Yesterday, at one site, the rec team had at least 250 kids show up at a public park and our teams were able to play all sorts of games with them to open a door for them to share the Gospel with them, and many came to know Christ!

It's simply incredible to see this young group of students stepping up and sharing their faith with the Dominican people. I am overwhelmed by the sight of a freshman speaking Spanish to a Dominican person, sharing their testimony, and unashamedly leading them to Jesus!

It's so awesome to see the students working so hard, always looking for somebody to minister to, or somewhere to help out, and never once complaining or whining about being tired! Pray for us today as we finish strong!