Ambler, AK: Our First Full Day

We had an amazing first day in Ambler. We started the day by having a group worship service up river from the village. The weather was clear so we could see for miles, and the temperature was about -5 degrees. We walked along the frozen Kobuk River to a small bluff where all we could see was the frozen river and the Brooks Range mountains. We read Psalms 148 as we viewed some of God's most beautiful creation. We prayed together, and sang "How Great Thou Art." Then we observed the Lord's supper to focus our hearts and minds on the purpose of being in such an amazing place.

After our unique worship experience we found a broken sled and all had some fun with it on the slope down to the river. While we were sledding (and checking to see if our medivac insurance was close by) a native friend call to us from her window and invited us in for lunch. We had a wonderful time eating and visiting.

On of the focuses of our trip has been praying for opportunities to pray for physical healing. In this lunch time we had this opportunity twice. We were able to pray for her husband and his mother. Both are ill. We trust that God will recall that prayer when they are well again and show that it was his power that healed them.

From lunch that same friend took us to an elder's house to visit. Aana Minnie (Grandma Minnie) is 88 years old. She is hard of hearing, but it was a wonderful visit. We also had the opportunity to pray for her health and healing.

We ended the day with a great meal with a lot of friends from around the village. Andrew prepared an amazing BBQ pork dinner that fed close to 25 people. We all enjoyed conversations and just being together.

Please pray for us tomorrow.
1) Paul's (missionary) headaches are really hurting him. Pray for relief.
2) The dogsled race will pass through Ambler, for the first time, tomorrow. Pray for divine opportunities to share the good news of Jesus Christ with many, and that many will in turn trust their lives to Him.
3) We are trying to spend time with a few key friends. Please pray for that to happen tomorrow.

Thank you all for your prayers.