Peru: Wednesday & Thursday

I've decided to combine two days because we got back so late on Wednesday night.


I was able to go to the local market with a couple of family groups on Wednesday. The students went in the market and started dancing to a few songs to get the crowd's attention. Then they performed a drama skit about Jesus healing people and taking our problems upon Himself, before being crucified on the cross and raising from the dead. After the drama they would ask the crowd if they wanted to know more about Jesus and every time people raised their hands. The family groups would spend as much time as was needed to talk to anyone the had raised their hand.

After the market we went to a local high school. Once again, there was more dancing, they also played games with the local high school students and performed the drama again. It was a very powerful afternoon; I saw a couple of the girls crying during the performance. Afterwards they able to talk to the local students about Jesus in small groups. These small group conversations went well, and many of the boys decided to accept Christ at that time.

We had an early dinner at the convent we are staying and headed out to perform at one of the local squares. Once there, Sam (our fantastic worship leader) kicked things off with some secular music. The students performed a power drama that still always leaves a tear in my eye. Thomas preached about sin in our life and that the only way to remove it is through Jesus Christ.


I tagged along with a group going to a school for special needs. It was touching to see our students love on these children. Everybody had a great time playing with the kids and we were even able to prepare and serve lunch for them.

After lunch it was back to the VBS site to finish up the four day program. The students had an amazing time with the local neighborhood kids. It was hard when we had to leave, and I don't think anyone really wanted to leave. There was some great bonding moments at the VBS sites.

Thursday night Thomas continued preaching on what is expected of you when you're a follower of Christ. We had Communion and those who wanted to commit to putting Christ first in their life took Communion first. Then they were asked to tell someone what thing in their life was stopping Christ from being first, this was to have an accountability person. It was an incredibly powerful night for our students.

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