Sevierville, TN: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch (Day 1)

Day one finds us watching the weather report for our mostly outdoor projects tomorrow. As it stands right now, we have a 60% chance of rain. We are also down 2 group members, 19 to 17 due to one of our class member's son feeling sick today. She decided she needed to stay home with him but is very sad to have to miss the trip.  As is frequently the case, our enemy wants to discourage us, but we will not be discouraged!. We have a few newbies to mission trips in our group this time so we are looking forward to a great trip!

Our SBS class decided to adopt Wear's Valley Ranch last year and we took our first trip last August. We had a great trip and accomplished lots as far as projects, but the ranch kids happened to be on vacation so we didn't get to visit with the kids. This time the kids will be here so we are excited to get to spend time with them at the cook out that we plan tomorrow evening, rain or shine! Pray for clear skies.