Spain: Benidorm Mission Trip


Monday we to another beautiful day in Benidorm. We met at the church for a brief service of singing, praying and we heard the emotional testimony of  Sammy, our Christian friend from Morocco. Sammy was born and raised as a Muslim.  His father was the Imam in his Mosque. Sammy explained how he was disowned by his family once he told them he had become a Christian  and he had to leave home and move to Spain. He will soon enter the Seminary in Madrid. We also shared stories of our team and their experiences during the festival Sunday evening. All were up lifting and demonstrated how God was working in the lives of the people of Benidorm.


Later in the morning we went into the heavy tourist and commercial area to hand out flyers for the festival Monday evening, witness, and carry the message of Christ to those who would receive it.

Our singing, line dancing, and large group of Green Benidorm God Loves You shirts created quite a crowd. Even the local police showed up to see what was going on. After reviewing the festival flyer he smiled and moved on.

We met and visited with people from all over Europe. I even visited with a couple from New Zealand. There were many older couples from Great Britain and Scotland and other parts of the world.


Loading up our supplies we returned to the City Plaza where we set up for our 2nd Festival event. The afternoon started off a little slow but thing soon picked up and we had an excellent turn out of all ages.

Again God blessed our efforts and over 80 people received the plan of salvation and 32 people accepted Christ. Praise be to God.