Sevierville TN: Travel Day

Dear Wears Valley Prayer Team,

For those of you that I have not met, my name is Rick Beasley and I am the trip leader for the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church mission trip to Wears Valley Ranch in Sevierville, Tennessee. 

Ranch Sign.jpg
This will be our 21st  trip to the Ranch and we will be taking 40 adults, teens and pre-teens to do light construction, maintenance, and landscaping projects that have been assigned to us by the ranch staff.

We are so grateful for your prayer support during our trip this weekend! 

If you are not familiar with the ranch (, it is a Christian children’s home and school in the Great Smoky Mountains for kids that have been impacted by crisis family situations through no fault of their own. At the ranch, they live in very nice (and large) houses with Christian house parents and up to 8 kids per house (there are 4 houses).  They also have a fully accredited Christian school that is co-located on the campus near the houses.  The capacity of the ranch is 16 boys and 16 girls with ages ranging from 1st through 12th grade.

Our trip has evolved over the past 11 years from a trip that originated in a Bible Study class that I teach, to a trip that is now open to all members of our church.  The ranch is decidedly Christian and therefore accepts no government funding due to the strings that come attached with those types of funds.  As a result, they are very dependent on volunteer groups such as ours to help get things done.

While the projects are important, they are really just an excuse for us to be there so that we can focus on the primary reason for our trip, which is investing in the lives of these precious kids at the ranch.

We have developed many relationships with the ranch kids over the years and we look forward to catching up with each other through social activities that we schedule while we are there.  Without a doubt, hanging out with the ranch kids is always the highlight of my trip!

Today (Thursday) is a travel day with families driving around 3 ½ hours from Atlanta - arriving as early as late morning and as late as midnight.  Specific prayer requests for today are as follows:

  1. Traveling mercies for all of our participants
  2. Pray that each of our participants will be both blessed and a blessing during the weekend
  3. Pray for the 3 people from our team that will be giving testimonies over the weekend (Laura Chollet, MaryAnn Medford and Trevor Lang)             
  4. Pray for the ranch kids that will be giving their testimonies over the weekend during our devotional times
  5. Pray that our team will let the world around them fade away as we immerse ourselves in ministry over the weekend
  6. Pray that if there are any participants in our group who are not believers to see the light of Christ during the weekend.  We have had 3 people from our team on past trips that were saved in conjunction with their experience at the ranch during our trip.
  7. Pray that Satan will be bound during the weekend and will not unleash any spiritual warfare
  8. Pray that the ranch kids, house parents, and kids will be encouraged by our presence

That’s it for now.  I’ll provide another update around lunchtime tomorrow.

Thanks for praying for us!

In His name,

Rick Beasley

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