Spain: Benidorm Mission Trip


Our day started at the church where we sang, prayed for today's activities and shared divine appointments that were made on Tuesday. One of the Madrid Seminary team shared his witness to five young men from Benidorm. One said he had no friends and that he was a satanist. He wore red contact lenses and dressed quite differently. It seemed that all five young men were caught up in satanism. The one youth that had stated he worshiped satan was presented the plan of salvation and accepted Christ. He was given his Jesus bracelet and 4 For his friends. All of these youth came again tonight and helped unload or equipment van both at the  festival and when we returned to the church after we ended our event.


 Jonathan who joined our JFBC Team gave us his testimony about how God had worked in his and his wife's life as they went thru challenging time with the loss of their first child in North Africa. Soon after that loss God also gave them another child who is due to be delivered the middle of August. Please pray for Jonathan, his wife, and Levi and his healthy delivery into this world.


After our prayer time we loaded the vans and were off to the local Wednesday market where many of the Benidorm citizens shop for their produce, clothing, and numerous other things. Our team passed out flyers advertising the festival for Wednesday night . Our line dancing troup did a fantastic job under hot and challenging  conditions.


We began our festival activities around six and what a great night we had. Manny and Bruno presented the gospel to many and 45 persons accepted Christ. Again we had people from all over the world. One Muslim woman who was there on Tuesday brought back many of here neighbors. All of them were from Pakistan. Rocket launching, bracelet making, face painting and tattoos along with bookmark making and balloon animals were enjoyed by the young people. Everyone enjoyed in the chicken dance and again great job by our line dancers.

What a great day and night God has given us. thanks be to God!!!