Sevierville TN: Here Safe and Sound (but a very stormy start)

After a bit of a scary drive up to the Ranch yesterday with severe thunderstorms/tornadoes in both Marietta and Sevierville, our group arrived throughout the day and into the wee evening hours last night with our last participant actually arriving around 8 AM this morning.  Thanks so much for praying for safe travel – we needed it!

Today began with sunny skies and comfortable 68 degree temps and everything here at the Ranch is gorgeous and green after the recent rains.

Wears Valley Ranch Pic.jpg

 Our team assembled for breakfast bright and early at 7 AM with a devotional that followed.  We were also privileged to hear testimonies from 2 of the Ranch students (Alex age 15 and Tiffany age 13) who did a great job and touched our hearts with their stories and how Christ and the Ranch had made a difference in their lives.  

Pic 1.jpg

We also heard from a member of our JFBC team, Laura Chollett, who like many kids at the ranch, came from a very difficult home situation as a child but through the power of the Cross, has been able to overcome the obstacles that had been placed in her path.

Pic 2.jpg

After a pep talk from our project lead, Tom Cheater, it was off to the various project sites to begin our work for the day.  We have been assigned 18 projects to complete while we are here ranging from landscaping, painting, trail clearing and car detailing to name just a few. 

Pic 3.jpg

While the projects are important, we look forward to our real ministry tasks of getting to know and love kids at the ranch at our cookout, bonfire and fireworks extravaganza tonight.  We are expecting all of the Wears Valley Ranch house parents, students and staff to attend this exciting event!

Pic 4.jpg

Please pray for:

1.       Continued safety for all of our projects

2.       A sweet spirit of fellowship at our cookout tonight.

3.       Lives to be changed forever (both JFBC’s and our friends from the Ranch)

4.       MaryAnn Medford as she gives her testimony at tomorrow morning’s devotional.

Thanks for your support of our trip and we’ll look forward to updating you once again tomorrow!