Sevierville TN: Friday Evening, 6/14 "Hard Work and Sweet Fellowship"

After working hard Friday afternoon, our group got cleaned up Friday evening for a joint time of fellowship with the Ranch kids, house parents, and staff.  Our evening began with a cookout where even though we are on their “turf”, our Ranch friends are our honored guests.  Our team grilled up burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings and after such a hard day at work, tasted like Filet Mignon!

Pic 1.jpg

It was great to catch up during dinner with our Ranch friends we’ve gotten to know from previous trips while getting acquainted with new friends who were more recent additions to the Ranch.  After dinner, in keeping with a long-standing JFBC tradition, a “spontaneous” game of soccer broke out with both ranch and JFBC kids participating.  As usual, no one kept score and nobody cared.

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As dusk approached, our mission team built bonfires and after a little bit of difficulty due to the recent rains, actually got them to light!  Once the fires got going, everyone gathered for another long-standing tradition – smores!!  The kids also enjoyed sparklers and glow-wraps as they eagerly anticipated the grand finale – the famous JFBC Fireworks Extravaganza!!

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After the fireworks, it was off to bed for some well-deserved rest for our team.  All in all, it was a great day of hard work and sweet fellowship at the Ranch!