Sevierville TN: Saturday, 6/15 Work Out, Chill Out, Pig Out!

Our team arose early on a beautiful Saturday morning for a 7 AM breakfast at the dining hall.  Our kitchen team really raised the bar for our hungry group with bacon, homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs - yum!

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After breakfast, Charlie Jordon from our team led us in our morning devotion and we then heard testimonies from Deshaun (age 15) from the ranch as well as MaryAnn Medford from Johnson Ferry.  Although their stories where very different, the common bond for both testimonies was their long spiritual journey and eventual decision to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

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After breakfast, our team dispersed to their various work sites for a busy day of wrapping up the 18 projects we had been assigned.  It was a sprint to the finish line for our projects with the goal of finishing early so that we would have a little afternoon free recreation time for another long-standing trip tradition – a trip to The Sinks and Jumping Rock (or for some in our group, an afternoon nap)!

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The water at the Sinks was frigid but refreshing after a hot day in the sun completing our projects.  We marveled at the beauty of God’s handi-work at this pristine place in the Smoky Mountains.

After free time, our group cleaned up and reassembled at the dining hall for a joint meal and fellowship time with pizza and ice cream.  It was great time to just hang out with our Ranch friends and once again host them as our honored guests!  

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After dinner, our group gathered to hear from the Wears Valley Ranch Biblical Counselor, James Price.  James shared with the group about the history and daily operations of the ranch and held a Q&A time for our group.  After we finished our discussion time with James, our team then headed off to bed for another well-deserved night of rest.

Prayer requests for Sunday:

1.       Trevor Lang from our mission team who will be giving his testimony during our devotional time this morning.

2.       Walter and Harley from the Ranch who will also be giving their testimonies during devotions.

3.       A sweet time of meaningful worship today as we jointly worship with Covenant Community Church at the Ranch.

4.       Those from our team who may not have a relationship with Jesus Christ – we have had 3 people from our team on past trips who have gotten saved in conjunction with our trips.

5.       Traveling mercies as we head home this afternoon.