Alaska: Heading North!

Please pray for our team of 7 that leaves for Ambler, Ak tomorrow (6/28).  Our focus, as always, is to point people to Jesus.  We will do this through VBS with the kids, serving the village through the 4th of July activities and following the Holy Spirit's leading throughout our time there.

When you think Arctic Alaska you probably are thinking sub-zero temperatures, feet of snow and dog sled teams.  Well you would be right if you followed our trip in April.  However, in July it can be as warm as it is here or warmer.  The sun will be up 24 hours a day.  2:00 AM looks the same as 2:00 PM.  It does take a little getting used to, but it also makes for some fun long days.

Please pray specifically for our team to be used by God in every way that He desires.  Pray for the people of Ambler that they would see Jesus through us and understand who He is and that He is relevant to their lives today.

I have added a picture of Ambler in the summertime.  It is beautiful all year round.  Thank you again for your prayers for us and our ministry.  We will do our best to update this blog as often as we are able.

Your Alaska Mission Team,
Ryan, Brian, Joseph, Julia, Michael, Brian and Torie