Malawi: Updates from the Field

From Kirsten:

Hello from Malawi! Today we went as a group and visited the Msiliza widows in a village very close to COTN. When we arrived they were outside their community center singing songs and waving. We went inside and some of the widows shared their testimony which was amazing. It made us feel more connected to each other because we all have the same issues and problems. We then went shopping! The widows have been making different things, I won't say what they are because that would ruin the surprise! We then went back to COTN and had lunch. Today we had the local food which is nsima and beans. After lunch I went with the craft group back to Mgwayi and worked with the widows from the past few days. We taught them how to make hair bands and flowers to attach if they want. The widows had asked us to share a song with them so the SEVEN of us stood up in front of the women and sang to them. They loved it! We then taught them the wobble. They laughed as they danced. Brooke has it on video. Once we got back to COTN we went to shower and we had NO water! It makes me that much more thankful for the things we have back home. These women are so joyful with such little. This has been such a humbling experience.  


From Rachel: 

Today was another amazing day with the people of Malawi. So much joy and love for each other and I think we would all agree that our time here has been peaceful, spirit-filled, and emotional at times. The children in the village that is closest to where we are staying, Mgwayi, have such genuine laughter and joy and are intrigued and excited by the Azungas (white people). Before we left America for our trip our fearless leader Brooke mentioned that we would have an opportunity to sponsor a child through Children of the Nations. Sponsoring a kid entails a commitment of $32/month. With this money the child receives supplies and finances towards their education, blankets, food, clothes, help with fees covering medical assistance, and any other items that child may need throughout the year. Brooke never pushed it on us but encouraged us that if it was something we felt called to we would have the opportunity. So yesterday morning Davie, a member of COTN staff, talked to us about the process of sponsoring children. While he was explaining the program and all that is included he mentioned that every year they host a Christmas party for the kids! Of course this is a wonderful thing and it's so cool that they are able to give these children something they may not have otherwise. But when he said that I had this vision of the staff walking through the village to pick up kids for the party and leaving behind the ones that did not have a sponsor.  In that moment my heart broke and tears immediately started flowing. I wanted all 56 kids to have a sponsor so they would reap the same benefits and be able to attend the party and not be left behind. Brooke and Stephanie comforted me and Brooke told me that the great thing about Children of the Nations is that because of the sponsorship program all kids in the village benefit and get to attend the parties and the feeding program. Many of us on the team have decided to sponsor a child and the cool thing is we have been spending time with them all week so we have been able to form the start of a relationship with them. Sponsorships are also available by looking up online, so if anyone is interested in joining us and changing lives there is a link below. Check it out and if you feel lead, sign up to sponsor and provide for a sweet child!! We love you all and miss you much, can't wait to see you and share our stories and the way Jesus is so apparent here!! Thank you for your continued prayers.