Ecuador: First Day Here

We and all our luggage arrived perfectly.  There was a "Niagara Falls" tearful reunion between Anna and her parents after 5 weeks of separation.  Steve and Carol look the same as always and are in fine health.

With the new international airport, the schedule worked a little differently.  Instead of visiting the Equator Monument on the last day, we did it on the first!


Our team at the Equator Monument

Our team at the Equator Monument

Today, Sunday, we will be going to church and having lunch at Montalvo, where we have worked for the past 7 years.  We'll see Hernan and Jenny and Maria and lots of other familiar faces.  We'll get to see the wonderful progress they've made with their building. We'll get to eat some wonderful home-made cooking. But more than that, we'll be with family.  Hard to think that's true when most of us do not speak the same language, but that's the way it is with God's family.  You just know you're home.

We'll do some fun things this afternoon and on Monday start painting, staining benches and digging a garden at Montalvo. It's going to be a great week!