Greece: The First Adventure


The day finally came, and we started the morning with a good breakfast and a short devotional. We are all still quite tired. After that we had our training session, and then we were sent out to pray and witness. Our teams went to many places, and we had another team with us. There were many good interactions. There was one gentleman from Afghanistan who spoke English and we had a nice talk. He was open to Christianity, but he believed many religions could save a person. Then there was an Italian man who was on crutches. We could not speak to him as he did not speak English, but we stopped and adjusted his crutches for him. We also saw a poor woman begging outside a bakery and got her some food. Lastly we talked to a nice man from Ghana who was already a believer. When he first arrived in Greece God provided housing and a job for him through a local Christian. All in all a very good first day. God is working in this area and more will be coming. God bless.