Ecuador: Sunday Worship in Montalvo

This year marks the 7th year Johnson Ferry has worked with the Eglisia Bautista in Montalvo.  It was good to be back with family.  There were praise songs, pastor Hernan's sermon with at least 10 scripture references that kept us flipping through our Bibles and a special presentation by the children's ministry.

The children act out the story of salvation

The children act out the story of salvation

The church has been growing well and the stage was full of children.   Not really sure what the ears and glasses were about, but best guess was they were to remind us to look for God and listen for God's voice.

 Actually, that message would be quite appropriate since Steve shared with us Saturday Ezekiel 40:4.  Steve's point to us was to keep our eyes open and be always listening for God because he wants to show us something special and if we are distracted we might miss it.

Today, Monday, we'll be 100% devoted to construction:  painting, staining and even a little gardening! I promise plenty of action shots in my next update. 

 This evening we will continue to prepare for VBS which will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Pray especially for Kalie and Caroline C (yes, we have 2 Carolines on this trip!) as they prepare the first skit, pray for Maureen as she leads craft time and for Megan as she leads recreation.