Greece: Bringing Down the Barriers


Today has been an odd day for us all. We started late today, as most people come out at night here. Some of our team had appointments with people they had met the day before. There were 2 people who did not show up, which was discouraging. However, there was a third person who was there and continued to talk to our team. We also met several Christians today. One gentleman from Nigeria was very happy to share his testimony with us. Another man from Ghana also poured out his heart, explaining how God had blessed him, but also poured out his heart of how he felt very much alone. There are many hurting people here, and Christians aren't immune from it. We also interacted with a group of poor homeless men in the park. They were all friends, ignoring cultural background and skin color as they desired peace. In this group were 2 men whom we had reached out to last year, but had been lost in the chaos that happened during transitions with the long term team here. We were able to reconnect with them and have started discipleship again with one of the men. Praise God that his heart was still desiring to follow hard after Christ. From there we ventured into a different park and ministered to some Afghanistan people. The one man did not speak English, but we were still able to communicate and he gave us his Skype screen name, because he had a friend who could speak English. We also got to share with some of the women, but they did not want to talk about religious matters. This is apparently normal for people from Afghanistan. Lastly we had talked to many Greeks, but they all told us they choose not to believe in Jesus. It has been a little discouraging today, and yet God is still at work. I ask all who are reading this to continue in persistent prayer for us. Pray for encouragement, rest, and boldness. God Bless.