Albania: Update from Sunday

Today, we started with a combined team worship service and prayer time. The day was filled with preparation for English classes. 

We met and greeted the students as they arrived. At our hotel, we have about 45 students – about 50% college students & 50% high school students. At Jim & Sherry’s hotel, there are about 40 college students. We assessed the students English skills and worked with the Albanian New Life team to place students at the right level of English class. Each 2-person teacher team will have 10+ students and an Albanian translator. This evening, we met with our student groups for introduction & fun “get to know you” questions. The students are enthusiastic and have asked good questions about life. We had the opportunity to mention how our faith was important in our marriage. 

Camp starts Monday at 10. 

Please keep the prayers going for conversations about spiritual matters with our students. 

Best wishes, with blessings,

Paul & Gail