Albania: July 18 Update

Our first night in Albania was outstanding.  We were treated to some very good Albanian desserts and a lot of line dancing.  These kids can dance forever and are still going like the Energizer bunny.  Some of us took the leap and danced with them, but quickly learned that we were more “mature”  and ran out of gas. It was great to watch the Albanian kids have a great time enjoying themselves.  There was so much smiling,  laughing and excitement. It was just fun to watch and enjoy them.  These are truly great Kids.

Today in all our classes we addressed the four major questions of life:

1. Where have I/we come from?

2. Where am I/we going after death?

3. Why am I/we here?

4. How can I/we know the truth?

In my group I was surprised at the depth of the conversation.  This session was only an hour, but we went for 1 hour and 45 minutes until we had to quit for dinner.  I did not expect that, but WOW! God is awesome! We got to share our ideas and clearly state why we believe in God, Jesus and the Bible.  There were so many views expressed from Plato to Gandhi, and opinions that life is just life and there is nothing after death.  The discussion was very open and everyone participated.  God really was there. When we shared our views there was one person in tears.  Tomorrow we will be presenting the complete plan of salivation to them through the Four Spiritual Laws.  Please pray that God and the Holy Spirit will move some young hearts to seek more and find salvation through Jesus Christ.

Today our Albanian host treated us to drive up into the mountains to a view of the Ionian Sea and the Greek Islands.  The mountains and the Ionian were beautiful as they  met.  The clear teal blue water and the steep mountains.  Plenty of pictures were taken and we had a good time atop the mountain drinking coffee and soft drinks and with our Albanian host.  It is truly a beautiful country with very friendly people. We've enjoyed our experience with the children and the Albanian Staff from Campus Crusade.  The owner of our hotel has been a very gracious host. He is always checking on us and wanting to talk.  I think we are having a very strong influence on him, as he sees what we are doing with the kids and how they are responding.  The relationship building between the kids, our team and the Albanian team has been strong.  It is great to know, see and feel God’s presence.

Pray as we are nearing the end of our time with the kids, and as we present the Four Spiritual Laws. Pray that God will not only sow seeds but that we will be able to see a harvest of new believers in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior