Greece: A Word From One of Our Team Members

We have seen God move mightily and miraculously over the past couple of days.  Members from our team met with a man from Burkina Faso on Sunday and had a chance to share the gospel.  He said that he wanted to believe, but he needed a sign from God that Jesus was the way.  Our team prayed with him that God would reveal himself.

Two days later, we met again with him, and there were numerous distractions with people calling, asking for directions, etc., but the whole time we were praying for God's power over the conversation. We began directly by asking, "Well, did God show you a sign? We prayed for God to show you a sign, and we want to hear from you."

Our friend started to share through a translator: "I do have a story I want to share. Sunday night, after you gave me the Bible, I went to a store to buy bread. A man who works there, who has never spoken to me before noticed the Bible in my hand and spoke to me in French.  He asked if I was a Christian and I told him no, but that some friends had given me the Bible as a gift.  He said that it was a good thing for me to read the Bible, and that this was a sign that God wanted me to follow Jesus.  Then when I went to pay, he would not let me pay and said the bread was a gift.

I left and went to call my wife in Burkina Faso and told her what had happened that day - that I met some Americans who talked to me about Jesus and who prayed for God to show himself to me with a sign.  Then I told her about the man at the store.  She told me that she had been praying for me that very day that Jesus would call to me. We knew immediately that this was the sign we had been praying for. We knew that God had answered our prayers for him. He wanted God to call him, and we cannot deny the Holy Spirit's power in these situations that he experienced.

We again shared the gospel with him. We shared God's plan for him and the path to salvation. He claimed that he did believe. He knew Jesus died and rose from the dead. (Again, we were praying throughout this conversation for God to direct the conversation, and give him the strength to choose HIM).

He said that he knew this was the time that Jesus was calling him. He knew the time was now. However, he was nervous. He explained that it is a major decision, and he is worried about how his friends from his religion will receive the news. This is what is holding him back. He asked that we pray for him. So we pray that God will give him the courage to choose to follow Jesus. He is ready; he just needs to choose.

God has proven that he is faithful to answer our prayers. He is the one true Almighty God, so we continue to pray for our friend until our next meeting on Thursday.