Port St. Joe: Day 5, Duck Dynasty Night

Today was a great day.  We had chapel service closer to the buildings because it was quite windy and looked like it might rain.  Kenn Kington gave our devotional this morning about trusting God - even when we only see a small part of what he is doing.  I could tell that message really struck home with many of the folks.  I saw a couple of moms crying.  I know it's really hard to trust God when your child has cancer and doesn't want to go back to the hospital.  We can tell God is working in these sweet families' hearts. 

Morning chapel time -- talking about trusting God  

The kids went to their small groups today (H2O groups), while their parents were in Kindred Journeys. Today the men and women split up and talked separately.   After lunch, we had a pool day and lots of free time for relaxing at the pool.  Many families are starting to loosen up and relax now.  I noticed many people mingling and talking with each other, as well as a fierce competition of pool-football passing going on!  We also Tie dyed t-shirts at the pool.

Dinner was Duck Dynasty night.  This was a hugely popular night.  Everyone dressed in camo and /or facial hair!  We started the evening waiting outside the "restaurant" were we eat.  All of a sudden, the Duck Dynasty cast members arrived.  Of course, it wasn't really them, but our fearless leaders dressed up as them.  They each played their part wonderfully and the kids really enjoyed getting their pictures made with them.   Then we all moved into the restaurant for a low-country boil, which was fabulous.  Finally, we gathered in the main hall for a Variety show.  Many of the guest kids signed up to be a part of the show -- we had singing, dancing, guitar playing, gymnastics/tumbling, etc.  After each guest was done, we, the audience, gave them a score by holding up our hands.  All of them scored a perfect 10!  Imagine that! 

At our volunteer meeting at the end of the night, called Overflow, it was shared that two of the moms had told the leaders thank you for coming. They also said,  

"This is the first time I have seen my child smile in a long time."

Thank you Lord for using us to help minister to families who are hurting.   For anyone following this blog, please pray for renewed energy and strength as we go for two more days before it's time to leave. 

Duck Dynasty night