Port St. Joe: Day 6, Red, White & Blue Parade

Today was a more laid back day for the volunteers.  The guest families were split up into two different groups and taken snorkeling in morning and afternoon trips.  The volunteer families spent some time cleaning up and putting things away in our storage room.   

In the evening, the guest families were given a photography session with a local photographer.  Then we donned red, white & blue attire to get ready for our fun party night.  Dinner was American themed - barbecue, corn muffins, baked beans, watermelon and banana pudding.  There was a flash mob during dinner, consisting of the Bazooka Bubble Gum song and a lot of dancing and singing!

Next we headed outside for the parade.  It was led by a police car and then a firetruck.  Then all of the children rode decorated bikes/scooters/golf cart or walked or pranced along the short route.  They threw out candy at the adults cheering them on.    There's really no other way to describe it so I will post two videos -- one of the parade and one of the dance party after.  These kids love feeling normal again at these events.

In the second video, you will see a sweet 4 yr old boy dancing. He just finished his treatments for a brain tumor.  Towards the end, a 17 yr old boy who is on his second round of brain tumor treatments, comes up and joins him.  They both are sweet boys and have made friends with each other.

Active Seniors - sweetly serving where they are called

I also want to show you this picture of 4 spry seniors who are working with us this week.  They have such big hearts and help a lot on the Food Crew, preparing meals for our big group every day.  The second lady from the left lost her son to cancer - the chemo messed up his heart and there was nothing they could do about it. She comes to serve at Blue Skies in his memory.