Alaska: Tuesday update

Today we saw the Lord provide two specific answers to prayer. The team has been praying for opportunities to engage adults. Kids abound wherever we go--second only to the mosquitos! But adults are hard to find.

Today we went up to a lovely overlook of the river valley and distant mountains. There we had a time of prayer, worship and taking the Lord's Supper together. It was a special time of seeing God's awesome creative handiwork all around us and asking Him to do a mighty work in the hearts of the people of the village.

VBS was a fun time of singing and playing with the kids and Julia teaching them the story of Esther. During our time, the first answer to prayer came about when a man named Derek asked Ryan to explain the banner hanging in the church that reads, "The Lamb that was Slain." This began an hour-long conversation in which Ryan shared the gospel with Derek and asked him what was holding him back from making a decision. "My sinful nature," he declared. Like so many others, Derek does not understand the grace of God that allows us to come to Jesus just as we are so that He can change us from the inside out. He believes he's got to clean up his act first. Ryan asked Derek if they could get together and talk more this week. Please pray that his eyes will be opened to the truth of Christ and he will be saved.

After VBS, another divine encounter when a young man named Harry stopped by to pick something up at Paul, the missionary's house. Brian F struck up a conversation and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Harry trusted Christ and was baptized nearly two years ago. "I just couldn't take it anymore after seeing my friends dying from drugs and alcohol." Yet Harry has been really struggling since then and has been losing the battle to his addictions lately. Brian and Harry prayed together for the Lord's strength for him to break free and to grow in his faith. Please pray for Harry.

The children here seem so starved for attention. Long after VBS is over they hang around outside the church playing ball and climbing on the grown ups' backs whenever there's a chance. Even late at night they are out on the streets without any adult supervision. It breaks our hearts to see their neglect. We've noticed many of the little ones have metal teeth, having lost their real ones from lack of brushing. We wish we could do more to love on these kids. Please pray for them.

Tonight the team had some amazing Caribou Chili at Paul and Glenda's house. It was a real treat--just about everyone went back for seconds. At the end of the evening we took time to Pray for Paul and his chronic headaches. He has been a gracious host in spite of the severe, sometimes crippling pain. Please pray for Paul.


Please lift up Derek, that he will know the truth of Christ and will surrender his life to Him.
Pray for Harry, that he will be set free from his addictions and will grow in his faith.
Pray for Paul, that God will heal him from his headaches.
Pray for the children, that what we teach them this week will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Pray that the Spirit of God will break down the demonic strongholds of this place. Ryan led us through Ephesians 6 today, reminding us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities of this present darkness. There is great darkness here--a spiritual darkness that has a strong grip over these people. Pray that they will be set free by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you!