Greece: Praying Against Strongholds


We were able to find and reconnect with two friends from last year.  One of them was a man from S. Sudan that had converted to Christianity, deciding it was a more logical religion.  However, he made the conversion based on an intellectual decision and did not understand the real differences.  We were able to help him fully understand the power of the gospel and prayed with him to dedicate himself as a more complete follower of Jesus the Christ.  We were so thankful to find that he has been a faithful advocate for his faith among his friends from his former religion.  He is anxious to be discipled and to learn more about the Bible. The other man, from Morocco, has been in Greece for 6 years and is homeless, trapped in addiction to alcohol.  Last year he prayed with me, desiring to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, but was unwilling to make a public profession, fearing for his life.  This year, the Lord led me to reaffirm his need and commitment to the gospel.  I pointed him to Mark 8, where Jesus asked his disciples, "Who do people say that I am?"  They admitted that many see him as a prophet/teacher; when Jesus asked his disciples, they affirmed he was Jesus, the Christ!  From there Jesus began to teach them the Gospel; that he would be turned over to the religious leaders, that they would kill him, that he would rise again on the third day.  I reminded him of his commitment.   It was clear from the ashen color of his face that he understood what this meant.  When I asked him, he acknowledged that he understood.  I asked him what was keeping him from making a final commitment.  He said he was afraid.  We left him with the challenge to trust in God and that the decision was his to make. After leaving him, we ran across two other men that were formerly from the same background, but were now followers of Jesus.  They explained that visions of Jesus had come to them and answered their questions and fears.  We all prayed that Jesus would reveal himself clearly to our friend, using dreams, scripture, or any other means to make him a true disciple of Jesus.

Our friend, who was the Christian we reconnected with, went with us to talk to others from his same nation. He helped us to do our best to fully present the gospel, but the men we talked to did not want to accept Jesus. We still pray God will bring them to Him. We also got connected to a group of men from Central Asia who were very friendly. We got to talk to two men specifically and presented the scriptures to him. He lost his sister and was unsure of what we were saying, but he still wants to talk to us tomorrow.


We also had a good time of prayer on a hill over looking the city. We have noticed many strongholds plaguing Greece. The top three include severe racism, extreme poverty, and communities of different religions that threaten peoples lives if they become Christians. Please join us in praying for God to break these strongholds.

Our time here is flying by, and we all feel the time slipping away. We will push on and strive to finish strong. Than you for all of your prayers, and know that God has been answering prayers in amazing ways. God Bless