Greece: Answer to Prayer


Today was our fifth day here. Things are going well, and we have seen God at work. We got to see more of what the long term team does here, but I am not able to share information. Their work is important and would be hindered if they are discovered as Christians. We had a very edifying time, singing and taking communion. After that, one of our team members shared a message God had put on his heart during our worship time. They challenged us to remember that no situation is hopeless. As an example they talked about how the disciples were hopeless after the death of Jesus, but He rose and restored them. It was a nice motivator and reminder that God takes the ugliest and worst things, be they people or situations, and makes them beautiful. This will be posted separately as they have written it down and given permission for it to be shared. After that, we went back to the park we were at yesterday. We had met several men and they had wanted to meet with us again. By God’s guidance we found them the next day in a different park and got to bond with them. Today we went back to that park and they were there again. The first man we met is really nice. He is protective and hates violence. He is always happy to see us, and he enjoys talking to us. Sadly he cannot read in any language, so we have not been able to get a Bible for him. We also have some trouble with language barriers, so we are praying for a translator. He lost his whole family to a bomb that had been dropped on his house. Pray that we can reach him, he seems open to the gospel. Also pray for his friends... it is a large community of young men. There are at least 15 of them and we have been really bonding with all of them. We will go back tomorrow to speak to them more. Our team also got to speak to several women from central Asia and disciple them. Also one man sought out our team to talk to them again. They presented the gospel, and he seemed indifferent to it, but today he found them and told them he wanted Jesus. The other team here with us also had a man come to Christ, and they baptized him.

Please keep praying as God is moving in a special way in this place.

There are many hurting people, and we hold a hope that cannot be taken from them. Our hearts are with these people, and we wish to see them receive the hope of Jesus. God Bless and thank you for your prayers.