Greece: Four More Enter the Kingdom


The sixth day was a very good day. We started off by going to visit one of our friends we had reconnected with, but he was sleeping. Instead we went to visit a coffee shop owner he knew. This man was against Christianity, but God worked a miracle and he sat willingly listening to the gospel and our leader’s personal testimony. Then our friend showed up. He has been on the border of accepting Christ, but hadn’t out of fear. However, today he came to the end of himself and finally committed to following Christ! We also got him some shoes, as his were falling apart. From there we headed back to the park to be with the men we have been hanging out with for the past 3 days. We had a friend with us, a recent convert (Praise God!), there to help us translate. We shared with two of the men the whole story of creation to Christ, however they were still uncertain. We also got to meet a young man from Ghana. He is a devout Christian and has a large knowledge of scripture. He is respected by the other men, and we hope and pray that he will be able to continue to reach them after we have gone home. Another part of our team was discipling a woman with some of her friends from Cameroon, and two of them repented and prayed to accept Jesus! God has truly been at work, and we are seeing more converts each day! Pray that the work would not end with us, but that more people will reach out to them and continue where we have left off. Pray also for the local team; they need more workers. It is truly as Jesus said “The fields are white for harvest, but the workers are few.” Greece is ripe and ready. God is working in a special way here. Pray for our team members, as some of them have gone out to the red districts, which are full of prostitution and drugs. We pray they will be safe, and that they will be able to share God’s love. Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray for us and the people here. God Bless!