Greece: Prayer Needed


This has been a long and strange day. Part of our team got to baptize the man who had come to believe yesterday. We also had several appointments today, but everything fell into chaos. But God was in control. We went to meet our friend from South Africa who had confessed Christ as Lord yesterday, but he was passed out drunk. He is trying to change, but he is in a hard place and needs a lot of prayer. As we were about to leave we ran into the shop keeper from yesterday. He had felt peace after talking to us yesterday, and so he came to find us again today. He was drunk, and he was fighting with his wife. He wanted so desperately to have peace, but he would not accept Jesus. We are praying for him, and he seems open, but it is very difficult. From there we went to the park with the young men we have visited the last 4 days. They were nice, and we were able to continue to present Jesus to 2 of them. The rest seem resistant, but God can overcome. Lastly, we caught up with 2 of the men from Ghana we talked to. As a recap, the one man was a strong Christian, and the other was a Christian, but felt so alone. We ended up getting them together, and today as we walked home we saw them smiling and laughing together! It was the most wonderful moment after a long hard day. God is still at work, but our time is so short. Please pray. Keep us in prayer as often as you can. We covet and need your prayers. Join us and God as He breaks down the strongholds! Help us finish strong. God Bless.