Greece: A Day of Remembrance


Today was a day of rest for us. We went to visit many ruins and attractions in the city. It was a great experience to walk through the Acropolis, and over to Mars Hill, and remember that Paul himself had seen it all and preached Jesus. The amount of skill and difficulty to build this temple, and all for a god that was not really. It made us feel sad, and we could only imagine how Paul felt. After that our team and the other team here with us met together with the long term team for the last time. They head out tomorrow, and we head out on Tuesday. It was a nice time of fellowship. Tomorrow we are going to say good bye to the friends we have met in Athens, all the people we have reached out to by God's strength, and then we will get ready to leave. Continue to pray for all the people we have ministered to, that more teams will reach out to them, and that they would get connected to the long term team here.