Middle East: Camp - Day 2

Today has been a whirlwind of events. The campers woke up excited to see what the day would hold even with only a few hours of sleep. Facing technical problems, language barriers, as well as extreme heat, nothing could stop the Lord from accomplishing what He had willed today.  Barriers are breaking down between us and the kids as they are finally opening up to acting crazy and participating in the activities. Today, we began with a volleyball tournament and ended with Pool Olympics to cool off. Everyone seems to be enjoying and having a great time.

Hunter has been bringing the Word to the kids in a way that they can relate to perfectly. Today, he shared that the Kingdom of God is for everyone and challenged the kids to set aside religious traditions and think about God in a new light. For this area of the world, religion is obviously extremely important. However, religion is more of a cultural practice than a relationship. We are praying for eyes and hearts to be opened. There are many different types of kids here, so we are asking for prayers for kids to comprehend and listen to new ideas that they may or may not have ever heard about God, and for them to respond in cabin time or in whatever way they need to.

This has been an extremely humbling experience. To work in the land where Jesus taught and lived has been extremely eye opening. Last night, our team leader Brian reminded us that we have had so many difficulties getting here, setting up, and hosting camp and yet it has gone so perfectly and smoothly. There is no doubt to each person here that God has divinely intervened on our account to make all of this possible. He has kept us relying on him every step of the way ensuring that He alone be glorified. Please pray for energy and continued reliance on the Lord of the tech team, program team, speakers, leaders, and work crew. We could not do this without prayer warriors from home.

- Kali Jones