Uganda: when 80 becomes 120 in the blink of an eye...

So what do 120 children, a superman cape, sing-a-long songs, egg shakers, wafer cookies and relay games have in common?

Answer: They're ALL part of a FANTASTIC  Playcation/TTT ministry day at a local church in Entebbe!

Lori dressed-up as "Super Zero" (Zero to Hero in one decision to trust Christ) and told the story of Joshua at Jericho as only Lori can!  The children were mesmerized as this Muzungu woman donned a clown wig, superman cape and crazy glasses and hopped around with abounding energy! 

Linda taught a bible verse and Julie, Linda and Claire organized relay races with ping pong balls, bandanas and pool noodles!  (It's amazing what you use when on a mission trip). 

Debbie, Brandi and Kerri took 50+ (toddlers- 3's) out to a small room and did TTT. The children LOVED the shakers and the music.  (Well who doesn't just LOVE 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'?)

They even had a small miracle as there were so many tiny children - more than we expected- and as the team pulled the shakers from the bag they had the EXACT number of shakers!   

The TTT team told the story of Jonah and the children were wide-eyed as God rescued Jonah.  It was a joyous experience for everyone!

We spent the afternoon traveling around the town and even sat through a small flood as a deluge of water poured for over an hour and flooded the small streets...we were feeling like we'd never left home!

Tomorrow morning we are traveling a couple of hours to worship at a new church plant that's in a corn field.  Does it get any more African than that? 

And tomorrow night we'll be arriving at the really can't begin to imagine how excited we all are to meet the children! 

Pray for energy, excitement and lots of opportunities to share the gospel.