East Africa: Coaches Share

After a great day on the fields, we surprised the coaches with a cookout.

In full immersion mode, I went to the goat pens and selected a goat that we then were asked to follow into the local slaughterhouse. Wow. Didn't see that coming.

After our goat roast, we had a bonfire and a couple of the Kenyan coaches shared their testimonies. I will write them down later and share them.

As acting "pastor" on the trip, I asked if anyone else wanted to share. One man asked for prayers and then we had 5 come forward to rededicate their lives to Christ. We sang a hymn in Swahili, I prayed over them and then we met 1 on 1 with each man to see what we could pray for them and to ensure that each was confident in their salvation through Christ.

Pretty much a mountain top moment halfway through the week.

Keep praying for. God is working in big ways.