Uganda: The Internet is UP...for the moment...

Words can't even begin to describe the day we had today...
Half of the team taught a Wisdom for Mothers class to 38 beautiful Ugandan housemothers and 'Aunties'. They learned that the most important relationship they have is with God. The women were excited about the class and even came on time - which is highly unusual in Africa!

The rest of the team taught Teeny Tykes n Tunes to over 50 children in two different classes. There was lots of singing, dancing and playing instruments. The children had a GREAT time learning new songs and hand motions to some old songs that they already knew. We even played with a parachute! What a treat! If only we could 'bottle' the laughter that we heard as these children squealed in delight - the world would be a brighter place!

We got the chance to meet with about 15 teens for an hour right before dinner. We taught them how to play 'spoons' and pretty soon they were chanting "I have a spoon! I have a spoon!" as each round ended. It was a time filled with laughter where we made new friends, learned two new worship songs and made plans for MORE fun tomorrow night!

We ended the day by eating dinner in the TODDLER houses (children between the ages of 18mo-5). We dined on the floor with the children and ate rice and beans and cooked cabbage. The children lined the walls and ate with their hands with BIG grins on their faces and when dinner was done - they took their bowls to the "kitchen" and then marched out the back door to get their teeth brushed and to take a shower. Each child stood patiently in line while a loving house mother brushed their teeth or bathed them and then they walked back into the house to put on pajamas.

There's no more beautiful site - even when you're sitting and typing a blog while looking out over the rainforest - than that of a follower of Christ who is obeying the call and Loving on Others.

Jesus said, "Do you love me?" and these house mothers answer the call every day with a "YES"!

Our hearts are truly overflowing!

(Sunday) What a day!
We made the two hour drive to Jinja and drove down a long, dusty and winding road- through the sugar cane fields and right up to the security gate for Good Shepherd's Fold (GSF) where we were greeted with many, many smiling children and African drums and lots of joy! Wow...our hearts were overflowing and we hadn't even exited the van!

We settled in quickly, grabbed our bibles and walked 10 minutes to the local church plant that was literally in the middle of a corn field! We sang praise songs in multiple languages and were treated to some African worship dances. Then Mark Gualtney (GSF) preached on the ten commandments. It was VERY interesting as there were about 100 in attendance, with three different languages spoken and TWO interpreters. It truly was a fabulous experience to worship the ONE TRUE GOD with people from across the world while sitting under a roof made of cane poles and stamping our feet on a mud floor!

After church we were treated by one of the local missionaries to lunch in their home where we had fresh pineapple, bananas, passion fruit and egg salad. What a treat!

After lunch we were the guests of honor as the children gave us a concert, complete with worship songs, African dancing, beating drums and grass skirts. Some of our own team members even donned the skirts and celebrated with the children!

The GSF campus is glorious with a view of the only rain forest left in Uganda! We can't wait to rise in the morning and enjoy looking at God's glorious creation while we study His word.

Tomorrow starts the dual MotherWise classes with the House Mothers and caregivers - both morning and afternoon sessions - and the TTT sessions and Playcation with the babies through Kdg children. We can't wait to get started!

Pray with us for good health, abounding energy and the gospel to be presented clearly