Uganda: final Update

Yet another great day with both Wisdom for Mothers and working with the children.

We had the privilege of attending a devotional and taking Communion with the missionaries. Many of the team shared "testimonies" - where they had seen the Lord at work during the day. These wonderful, selfless people shared from their hearts and were such an encouragement to our team.

And we had a FIRST ever on a mission trip- we took hair cutting scissors and capes and cut the hair of the missionaries and their children! Yikes! The ladies even were treated to manicures! We had a sweet time of fellowship and laughter together as we gathered round and watched the 'makeovers' take place.

It has been a bittersweet day today as we held our last sessions with the women and children. So much laughter and joy as we sang praise music and studies the word together.

The women had the privilege of sharing with 16 women who had come in to GSF after gleaning from the fields. They came in carrying their small children on their backs, so excited to join the group.

After all the classes were done, the women treated the team to a farewell song and the children played the drums and performed a dance. Such joy and sadness, all at the same time.

We will forever be changed by meeting these sweet women who have devoted their lives to caring for 'the least of these' and getting to know the children and share in their laughter. It's humbling to see them lift their hands in thankfulness to God for what they have. It's a picture that we'll never forget.

We are headed for a walk through the village before we bus the bus for the airport. Then we have a 4-8 hour ride (depending on the traffic), and have a 10:30PM flight to Amsterdam.

Please pray for safe travels.