Albania: Training Our Team and Meeting Students

Monday morning began with training for our team at the CRU Center in Tirana.  After a time of devotions and prayer for the upcoming week, Gusti and the Tirana Team, shared what the plans were for the week and gave us an opportunity for an advance preview of the very helpful and professionally-done magazine that we would be giving to students.  They have set a lofty goal for us to distribute 1,000 magazines during the next three days which would also include registering each student and inviting them to evening events at the center.  We also saw the two short videos developed by CRU and translated by the Albanian team that we would be using during the evening discussion times. 

Arton previewed the short videos that would be used to generated student discussion at the student gatherings on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

The magazine that will be distributed to students on all of the university campuses in Albania

One of the articles in the magazine..."If you are the masterpiece, who is the artist?"

Evening meeting with university students returning to Jete Studentore Tirana

Sherry and her special friend from English Camp

Students and staff having a good time with Zoya

Gusti, the leader of Jete Studentore Tirana, talking to Jim

Each of the returning students along with the staff members received a shirt.