Albania: On the University Campuses

Tuesday morning our group was divided into two teams and began distributing the magazines at two of the university campuses in Tirana:  Foreign Languages and Economics.  Staff and students from Jete Studentore Tirana were also involved and acted as translators for us when the students didn't speak English.  The two teams handed out about 600 magazines on Tuesday morning!  We also got each student's contact information and invited them to the student gatherings at the CRU Center to be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings!  We were thrilled to see the responsiveness of the Albanian students and their willingness to talk with us!

Tuesday evening our American team enjoyed playing get-acquainted games with the students at the New Life Center, watching a short film and discussing it within each group, and then having fun with costumes at the Photo Booth.  We are definitely bonding with these young people and the wonderful staff members who work with them throughout the year!

We were thrilled to see how receptive the students were to receiving the magazine and the invitation to come to the New Life Center that evening!

Students and staff having fun together after the Tuesday evening gathering at the New Life Center

We enjoyed getting to know students in our small groups!

Guys Having Fun at the Photo Booth

Girls Having Fun at the Photo Booth

Even the team leaders had fun at the Photo Booth!