Nicaragua: Being His Hands & Feet

A team of 13 from Johnson Ferry ministered in Nicaragua from October 3-11. 

The trip began in Juigalpa, where the team worshipped at Iglesia Betel in Las Torres on Sunday morning followed by showing the Jesus Film that evening at Iglesia Monte Sinai next door to Casa Mephibosheth (an orphanage operated by Chosen Children Ministries-one of Johnson Ferry Baptist Churchs' supported ministries in the Uttermost Parts of the World).  We returned to Las Torres on Monday and Tuesday for a women’s Bible study of the book of Ruth, the Jesus Film and Bible lessons in 3 public schools, the Jesus Film for the men of the barrio (neighborhood) on Monday evening, and a community-wide service at Iglesia Betel on Tuesday evening.  The team also provided food to both churches and assisted in reroofing a house.  This was the 13th year that this JFBC team has ministered in Las Torres with Pastor Luder Garay and it has been a blessing to continue and nurture the relationships that began so long ago.  Wednesday may have been the highlight of the week as the team ministered in the Los Cocos barrio, which is an isolated, beautiful, small barrio in the hills outside Juigalpa. 

Approximately 150 men, women and children showed up for the activities. The team showed the Jesus Film to the adults, told Bible stories to the children (in yet another public school), shared the Gospel with a group of men, served a hot meal to everyone, and provided food bags for each barrio family. 

Response to the Gospel was exciting to witness!   

Distributing food bags to each family in a Los Cocos 'barrio' (neighborhood).

On Thursday, our plan was to minister in another public school and conduct door-to-door evangelism in two other rural barrios, but rain made the roads to the barrios impassable, so the team returned to Masaya.  On Friday, the team conducted Bible story dramas in a Zambrano primary school near the CCM Masaya campus and enjoyed lunch overlooking the beautiful crater lake at Catarina.  As in each of our previous 12 years it was a blessing to serve the Lord along with the CCM staff.  

What an amazing week of blessings from God!