Albania: Meetings, Coffee, Touring, and a Family Crisis

Future Albanian university students!

On Friday, Karen had the opportunity to talk to teachers at a public school in Tirana and was greeted by a sea of students who were excited to meet an American teacher.  After presenting a talk to the teachers on "Valuing Individual Students", Karen and several Campus Crusade Leaders who work with families and educators in Albania, were invited to get better acquainted with the teachers at a local coffee shop.  Throughout the day on Friday team members were meeting with individual students over coffee to share the gospel.  Unfortunately, some sad news arrived on Friday when Sherry Brege learned that her brother passed away that morning.  Jim and Sherry decided to return to Atlanta early to be with their family during this difficult time.  On Saturday, the remainder of the team traveled to the Muslim village of Kruja for our sightseeing day. 

  • Please pray for the Breges as they return to Atlanta and then travel to be with their family.
  • Pray for our team as we begin our return to Atlanta very early on Sunday morning.
  • And continue to pray for the students at the universities in Albania who have just begun their academic year and will be contacted by the Campus Crusade staff members during the coming weeks.

Karen with two of the Campus Crusade staff members who work with families and teachers in the local schools

Team members in Kruja, Albania on Saturday morning with Ilva and Pol

Pray for the people of Albania, a nation with the largest Muslim population in Europe